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Reliable and responsible, our neutral packaging shows up on time and does what you expect. High quality and functional items that keep hot food hot and cold drinks cold. *Order before 11am and enjoy next day delivery throughout Denmark.

Grow your brand

More of the showy type, this loud and proud branded packaging will grab attention! An excellent marketing opportunity to expand your food and beverage brand - with custom artwork by our in-house graphic team - this is a popular option.

Create lasting memories

Complementing every characteristic, this custom engineered packaging is your brand’s best friend! Create a memorable customer experience with exclusively designed packaging, perfectly proportioned for your product and unique to your brand.

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Get expert guidance from you friends in packaging.

We will help you choose the right packaging for your product and brand, just give us a call!

Inhouse design, procurement & logistics with next day delivery throughout Denmark

Our graphic team will create eye-catching artwork, perfectly placed on your selected packaging. Our procurement team ensures the ideal range is in stock and our logistics team ensures low transport rates and on-time delivery to multiple locations. Plus we’ll keep your packaging in our warehouse so you save space and can easily order a top-up online for next day delivery!

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Choose eco-friendly materials
for positive impact

Delight and empower your customers with eco friendly packaging that is better for people and the world. Get attention with beautiful bamboo or bagasse, exude luxury with high quality paper and wood, or enjoy extra freshness and protection with PLA or rPET.


Strong, durable, and can be coated in PLA for oil and leak proofing. For added goodness, request our FSC approved wood and paper products. Renewable and biodegradable


Perfect for cool products, coating paper and bamboo, and a good alternative to plastics. This clear bioplastic is made from corn or sugarcane, produced using fewer greenhouse gas emissions than plastic.


One of the fastest growing grasses in the world and uses less water than wood. This renewable material is quickly regenerated and is biodegradable


Malleable, durable, and breathable this material is naturally leak and oil proof, no PLA lining is needed - produced using waste products of sugarcane manufacture, it is industrially compostable


With a high o2 barrier it will keep food and drink for longer. A clear plastic made from recycled PET bottles produced using 79% less energy than Virgin PET, 100% recyclable

Delivered with our sustainable process

We consider the environment in every stage of the packaging life cycle, from development to disposal. Our packaging exists within the circular economy, meaning it can be reprocessed into new packaging, organic waste, or energy. Work with us to achieve your CSR goals and get better packaging for people and the world

  1. 01. Develop

    Reduce food and material waste and lower emissions: by choosing the most sustainable materials to extend the shelf-life of your product combined with good design that minimises material usage & weight

  2. 02. Design

    Ensure packaging is safely returned to the earth or remains within the circular economy: by helping your consumers out with clear labelling of disposal instructions for composting or recycling

  3. 03. Procure

    Ensure socially responsible production and reduce environmental impact: through our long term relationships with trusted producers supplying our curated range of certified packaging

  4. 04. Deliver

    Lower transportation carbon emissions: through our pragmatic planning and logical delivery throughout Europe

  5. 05. Purchase

    Align with consumer values and drive the cost of sustainable material down: by ensuring your customers feel confident choosing and recommending your brand, increasing demand and supply

  6. 06. Dispose

    Ensure the safe and sustainable disposal of used packaging: by ensuring clear instructions and partnering with waste management companies

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