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Your success is our priority. Partner with us to advance your business and delight your customers with irresistible packaging. Enjoy great value and a smooth process made possible by our in-house design, procurement and logistic teams. Choose from unique and functional designs, highly customisable to fit your product and audience. Made with the latest innovative materials and processes, delivered throughout Europe to suit your schedule.

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Working to create a world of better packaging

Packaging that is good for people and the planet is at the heart of what we do. We know that creating a better tomorrow means taking action today, so we have become experts in delivering the most comprehensive quality innovations to support your goals. We offer the newest quality materials, but we also focus on reducing the impact of our packaging throughout its entire life cycle; design, production, delivery and disposal, partnering to close the recycling loop.

Actions for impact

Creating a better tomorrow means taking action today. We are continuously improving our processes and packaging with the goal of making a positive impact on people and the planet:

  • All PET products available in rPET, produced using 100% renewable energy

  • Biodegradable and compostable options that put nutrients back into the soil

  • Working toward UN CSR Goal 12 - responsible consumption and production

  • Innovating to create more sustainable designs and minimising waste

  • Analysing production and delivery processes to reduce the carbon footprint

  • Ensuring socially responsible production at all of our sites

Innovation is in our DNA

Innovation is in our DNA. Established in Copenhagen in 2011, EMBACO rapidly grew to become Europe’s leading supplier of high quality customisable packaging. Trusted by the most popular brands in the food, beverage, personal, health, and home care industries, we partner with our clients to offer unique marketing opportunities through creative packaging strategies.

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Social Responsibility

EMBACO supports Kræftens Bekæmpelse and their great work in cancer research, prevention and patient support. We also support Danske Hospitalsklovne and their work in helping children in Danish hospitals to get through their illness easier with humor and presence.

Support Kræftens Bekæmpelse

Support Danks Hospitalsklovne

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