We collaborate
to deliver better packaging
for people and the world.

About us

Innovation is in our DNA. Established in Copenhagen in 2011, EMBACO rapidly grew to become Europe’s leading supplier of high quality, customisable, and sustainable packaging. Trusted by the most popular brands in the food, beverage, personal, health, and home care industries, we partner with our clients to offer unique marketing opportunities through creative packaging strategies.

Collaborating for your success

Our inhouse teams enable flexibility at every stage of our process, meaning we can customise our products and processes to suit your needs.

Meet our team

Our six core values

A People Company

We care about maintaining great relationships - we’ll always call and be your friend in packaging

Teamwork = Dreamwork

We collaborate to make your business growth and packaging dreams come true

Always Unique

Each customer is unique, and so are the products and service we offer you

Make it Happen

We keep our promises, problem solving to ensure we can always deliver

Do it Better

Constantly innovating to deliver better, for your business, for your customers, and for the planet

Keep it Cool

We’re ahead of the trends and we think what we do is cool, work with us and you will too

How it all began

From a quirky beginning as a Christiania-Bike Barista, to spotting an opportunity to supply small-batch custom coffee cups so cafes can market themselves, EMBACO’s entrepreneurial Founder, Benjamin Vossough, and the original team of six friends built the foundations of our thriving business. Now, with multiple offices throughout Denmark, more than 20 staff, and an international reputation and client base, EMBACO has embodied the entrepreneurial spirit of friends collaborating to grow businesses.

A world of better packaging

We are constantly striving to lower our impact on the environment, taking action today for the changes we want to see tomorrow. We do this by researching the full lifecycle of a product, developing and testing new materials, and ensuring we have a wide range of packaging available in biodegradable, compostable and recyclable options for our clients. We stay at the forefront of design and regulations to ensure compliant packaging with clear labelling of disposal instructions. We are continually reviewing our development, production and logistics processes, innovating to reduce waste and emissions.

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