All PET products available in recycled material, learn more here

Name Capacity (ml) Weight (g) Dimensions (mm) Neck Shape Material
60ml Vial 60ml 14 Ø: 24 / H: 174 18 ROPP Round PET
25ml Vial 25ml 8.7 Ø: 21 / H: 110 18 ROPP Round PET
20ml Vial 20ml 8.7 Ø: 21 / H: 95 18 ROPP Round PET
15ml Vial 15ml 6.9 Ø: 21 / H: 83 18 ROPP Round PET
10ml Vial 10ml 6.9 Ø: 21 / H: 65 18 ROPP Round PET

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