Our Team

Sales (Copenhagen)

  • August Bunk Jensen

    Sales coordinator
  • Jan Østergaard

    National Key Account Manager
  • Kenneth Colding

    Sales Manager
  • Per Mortensen

    Sales Manager
  • Peter Schødts Madsen

    Head of Sales

Sales (Aarhus)

  • Simon Svendsen

    Business Developer
  • Søren Møller Andersen

    Business Developer

Sales (UK)

  • Chris Baker

    Business Developer
  • Jo Groome

    Operations Executive
  • Karen Symonds

    Sales Support
  • Michelle Redman

    Business Manager

Sales (Poland)

  • Marzena Rolska

    Sales Manager

Logistics & Customer Support

  • Celine Cramer

    Sales & Purchasing Assistant
  • Christian Kousholt

    Customer Support
  • Jimmi Stoltenberg

    Transport & Logistics Manager


  • Emilie Hasbo

  • Karina Stiager Mortensen

    Purchasing Manager
  • Martin Nystrand

    Product Manager
  • Patrick Laursen



  • Sebastian Bak Hansen


Finance & HR/Administration

  • Anders Axeltoft

    Finance Manager
  • Hervør Castenskiold

    Administration & HR Manager


  • Jaime Rossello Portmann

    Senior Web Developer


  • Benjamin Vossough

  • Carla

    Chief Happiness Officer
  • Peter Løndahl Søndergaard

    CEO & Partner
  • Solveig

    Head of Security

Members of Board

  • Benjamin Vossough

  • Frederik Hostrup-Henriksen

  • Morten Løw

    Chairman of the Board

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