EMBACO are not just a supplier they’re more like a partner. Every time we ask for something, they are quick to respond – it is clear that sales, customer support and logistics are very strong.”

Casper Haugsted – Co-Founder, SayCoffee


Coffee with Colour

SayCoffee are bringing youthful designs and high energy to quality coffee.

Starting with 100% fairtrade and organic Arabia beans, this dynamic brand roasts to perfection to create high-quality coffee accessible to a younger market – and they’re on a mission to keep getting greener.


A Green Profile

We have a green profile, same with EMBACO’s production. Their 100% green Bottles & Jars production and recyclable products are great and we identified with them.” – Casper

At the beginning of December 2020, SayCoffee reached out to us after spotting our Instagram profile.

There was a great synergy between our sustainable offering and their company objectives.

SayCoffee have the admirable goal of becoming 100% sustainable, supporting the consumers in making the right choice.

We offer 100% recyclable packaging all made with renewable energy which complimented SayCoffee’s focus on environmental responsibility.



Choosing Quality

We spent a lot of time looking for jars, especially jars with recyclable material and we found EMBACO – we were pleasantly surprised with the large catalogue of products and the quality they have when in your hand”Casper

We are delighted to support this innovative business with the release of their new FMCG product, ‘Instant Satisfaction‘ – a clever instant coffee.

Freeze-dried for maximum taste, this coffee has a strong, rich body and delicious aroma.

We knew the packaging had to be perfect and so we got to work…



Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

EMBACO’s consultant was extremely open minded and supportive – giving quick feedback and helping to work out the different possibilities and what would fit into our needs and product profile.” – Casper

Our talented colleague and account manager, Klaus, worked in partnership with SayCoffee to develop packaging to enhance the existing brand.

It was important that consumers could easily recognise and use this instant coffee product. Plus there were the practical requirements – the packaging had to be IHS suitable and had to be easy to transport to retailers with customer-friendly design.

A few design ideas were discussed, and we guided SayCoffee on the practicalities, pricing, and design to ultimately help them choose the best packaging for their brand.

It was decided that the best fit would be a round jar which represented the sustainable ambitions of the brand and also stand out on the shelf amongst competitor’s angular designs.

Many instant coffee brands use glass jars, which are actually less sustainable…



Smashing Stereotypes

Analysis shows that the overall environmental impact of PET as a packaging material is lower, and this is mostly due to the weight of glass. PET is much lighter and uses far less CO2 to transport.

Furthermore, PET is fully recyclable (like glass) and it doesn’t break so the production leads to a much higher level of used products and far fewer breakages/damages.

The most sustainable option for FMCG brands is to go with recyclable material such as PET which can store food products safely but also be recycled into different products over 7 times.



Testing… Testing…1,2,3

EMBACO spends time consulting with our client’s so that we can get the best design for consumer and product needs.

SayCoffee requested a 400ml packaging jar, so, to give the options, we sent samples from 350ml-500ml with multiple diameters so they could choose the one they thought looked the best and fit the product the most.

This also allowed them to test their product in the jars and gain data about filling and also see what it would look like.

After the jar was chosen, we added a beautiful aluminium lid that looks modern and fresh.

And so SayCoffee had their packaging –  a new and exciting instant coffee experience with a sustainable message.



An Instant Hit

EMBACO products have helped our sales because the recyclable jar fits with our environmental protection policy and support our communication of our environmental efforts.”Casper

SayCoffee is available online now…

Why not grab a cup and check out some of our other case studies…


Learn more about our Bottles & Jars, or to ask us a question simply send us a message, or give us a call!


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