CO2 Report: Bottles & Jars

EMBACO has commissioned a climate change consulting agency, SuFu, to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our business operations for 2020. We now have comprehensive data for our sourcing, production and operations, including being able to quantify the CO2 output of our bottle and jar ranges in varying mixes of PET & rPET.



Our rPET Products Reduce CO2 by 82.2%

It was discovered that our European sourcing of raw materials combined with our European based production was one of the most important factors in our reduced emissions along with our use of renewable energy in production.

For Example, EMBACO uses 3.8 times less co2 per bottle in our 100% rPET bottles than the equivalent product sourced from China and 1.1 times less co2 / bottle less than the equivalent product sourced from other parts of Europe.

Due to our use of 100% renewable energy for production, our rPET bottles and jars products reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 82.2% when compared to 100% virgin PET. This is 3.2% better than the market rate. Read more about rPET or get the latest updates on PET vs. rPET bottles and jars, what you need to know.



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Embaco A/S commissioned a climate change consulting agency (SuFu ApS) to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with certain products. This was a cradle to gate analysis for various products supplied by EMBACO. These product emissions are specific to EMBACO and representative of the renewable energy used in the production. These product emissions do not include the emissions that result from the distribution of EMBACO products to its customers and as such are not representative of the product emission of products EMABCO sells to its customers. This account was produced in line with the principles and guidelines of the WRI GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard. The values are most relevant to 2021.

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