Foam Cups


The foam cup is made from a one-piece moulded construction and is probably the most ideal disposable cup when it comes to heat insulation. The cups maintain beverages at their optimal temperature for longer time than other disposable paper cups. Apart from keeping the beverages at the proper serving temperature, the cup also keeps the hands safe and comfortable.

The foam cups are fully printable.

Foam cups requires significantly less energy to produce than other generic disposable paper cups. Furthermore, they do not “clog” landfills as EPS cups constitute less than 1% by both weight and volume of landfill waste.

We do not use chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in manufacturing these cups. All of our foam cups are FDA approved and produced under good manufacturing practices in compliance with EU regulation.


For details regarding foam cups, please contact us or download our product catalogue.


Hot Beverages0%
Cold Beverages0%


Take Away0%
Ad Agencies0%


4oz - 60oz0%