Packaging FAQ’s

  • How long will it take for my packaging to be delivered?

    The answer depends on the situation, but we will always try to find the best solution to suit your priorities regarding transit timing and price. When you become a client and we have your packaging in stock, you can simply place your order before 11am for next day delivery throughout Denmark.

    If you need cups NOW then try our Speedy cups service. If you would like more information please contact us.

  • Are your products certified for food and beverages? Can you provide the certification?

    Yes! And we are able to supply a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) on the raw material and a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) with each packaging delivery.

  • Can I get some samples?

    Yes! Simply contact us to request samples.

  • How can I get a customer log in for the webshop?

    Our webshop is for existing customers of EMBACO to reorder their products. If you are not yet a customer, you can view our selection of products in our catalogue here.
    If you are an existing customer, you can contact us to recieve your customer log in. You can log in to the webshop here.

  • How can I see your products?

    You can view our standard catalogue here or contact us to find out the possibilities for customised products.

    Existing customers can view products in our webshop – you can log in here

    Or you can contact us to receive your log in.

  • How flexible is the driver – e.g. can he carry in the parcels or take back empty pallets?

    We can make arrangements with our drivers so that he can assist with carrying and disposal of excess packaging – just let us know when you place your order – to place an order simply contact us.

  • How long does it take to produce the packaging?

     This depends on many things including the type of packaging, customisations, order size etc. Contact us with your enquiry for an estimate. 

  • How much will it cost for my packaging to be delivered?

    This depends on the situation, but we will always try to find the best solution to suit your priorities, both regarding transit time and price. If you would like to place an order or get a price estimate, simply contact us.

  • I don’t have enough space to store all of my packaging – can you take care of it?

    Yes! We have a large warehouse with space available to rent. Many of our customers choose this option so they can order larger quantities and get them delivered in smaller batches. Simply contact us to place your order or learn more.

  • What are the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for products?

    Our minimum order quantities depend on the product required, contact us for further information.


    Coffee Cups: 1000 pcs.

    Pizza boxes: 5.000 pcs.

  • What are the prices for packaging?

    Price can depend on many things including item, material, printing, customisations, delivery etc. Contact us for an estimate.

  • What does inventory management cost?

    Inventory management is usually included in the price, contact us for more information.

  • Where is your company located?

    We have our Headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark and we have offices in Aarhus, Denmark, and London, UK.

    We can communicate in Danish or English depending upon your preference.

    Contact us to enquire.

  • Why can’t I find any prices on your website?

    There are so many things that affect the price when it comes to our products such as size, type, quantity, no of colours printed on the packaging, customisations etc. That is why we can’t set a standard price. The easiest way for you to get a price is to contact us.

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